"Lord, I believe, help Thou my unbelief!" (Mark 9:24)

This is a list of possible questions that can be asked of an Orthodox believer, and suggested answers to them. You are free to contribute your own questions and answers, click "edit" above.

Helpful resources: Orthodox FAQ by Fr. Maxim Kozlov , [[ Apologetic Sketches by Bp. Alexander Mileant (+2005)]]

I have prayed and prayed, but God seems to simply ignore my plea!

Answer: Learning To Pray

"Do not expect to find in your heart any remarkable gift of prayer. Consider yourself unworthy of it. Then you will find peace. Use the empty, cold dryness of your prayer as food for your humility. Repeat constantly: I am not worthy, Lord, I am not worthy! But say it calmly, without agitation. This humble prayer will be acceptable to God." St. Makarii of Optino

Doesn't your faith contradict science?

Answer: The Origins of the World and Mankind by Bp. Alexander Mileant

Orthodoxy and Creationism by Fr. Deacon Andrei Kuraev

Do you think that all who are Orthodox will be saved, and all who are not will be damned?

Answer: Salvation and the Church

"To be a Christian outside the Church is like trying to be married without your spouse." Archpriest David Moser

How can you trust what it says in the Bible?

Answer: Obstacles on the path to the Gospel

The Gospels

How to Read the Bible

Is the Church intolerant towards homosexuals?

Answer: The Homosexual Christian

Gays and the Orthodox Church

The National Association for the Rehabilitation and Therapy of Homosexuality

The Intolerance of Tolerance (non-Orthodox, but Christian source)